Friday, December 10, 2004

Well, no pics of nothing. But it is that time of the year again to start the new year's list of things that I want to accomplish as soon as I get my holiday knitting done! Instead of having less to do on the 10th day of the month, I have more knitting added to my plate. The ladies at work liked my scarves that someone else bought (not the ones I have left) that I am making one more trip to Mary's Eureka tomorrow to scarf yarn shop for four that must be done next week and one that must be done the very next week!

Thank goodness Jan, Norma and I decided to wait until January to celebrate bdays, Hanukkah and Christmas. I swear I will NOT do this again year! Okay, so Norma has heard me say that every year since she has known me (at least 10 years), but really, I swear next year is all about ME. Knit for ME! Always, well except for those socks that I said I would do for everyone for Xmas and the afghans I said I would do. The afghans are absolutely the last things I will knit for family! Really, no I mean it! Okay--you all know me to well. It will never happen. But it sounded good for just a moment.

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