Saturday, December 11, 2004

Okay this like official. 2 months from tomorrow my friend Betty and I fly off to Punta Cana in the Dominican Republic. From the moment I get up tomorrow until we leave, I will be faithful at watching what goes in my mouth. I know it is the holidays but I am not using that as an excuse to eat what ever is in sight. I will be a faithful Weight Watcher, attend meetings, weigh in and exercise in some way, shape or form every day! I will maybe take Christmas off and New Years Day only, but that is it!

And now for the knitting, I have scarves I have to knit, but seriously after these, I have got to stop this scarf bit. It is time to get back to my Twisted Sisters Jacket and all the other things just for ME! Today was a quick trip to Mary's in Eureka for scarves for friends and family to choose one.

It appears that winter is coming, so I can now maybe start wearing the sweaters I made for myself. You know it is difficult to wear woolly sweaters when the temp is hovering around 50 degrees!

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