Thursday, December 30, 2004

Why is it when the year isn't even over and I barely got the Christmas stuff all put away do I already have my list of next year's knitting for gifts made. I have decided that for the family members outside of my house (read as neices, nephews and their children) 2005 is the last year that I give birthday and Christmas presents. Yes, I have said this before but I am saying it again and I will tell each one of them that I want them to do the same for us too.

With that said, I have decided that the final year will entail - socks for their birthdays. Afghans for the couples for Christmas! Which means I have got to get my butt in gear and start knitting afghans right away to get them all done. But the good thing is that when 2005 is done, their should be a dent in the sock stash AND a considerable dent in the large yarn bags that I have accumulated on various great deals.

Now, as my knitting friend Jo said tonight when I announced that I was on a yarn diet "I've heard that before". How true, how true, but as in somethings, sometimes just dreaming is the best part of doing something.

Stay tuned! Happy New Year!

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