Friday, December 31, 2004

Frustrated I am. I am sitting at my computer knitting. Why? Because it is so damn slow! I know I need more memory but I am thinking wouldn't a new computer be much nicer? What am I thinking? Somebody stop me.... Maybe just a little memory to start with.

Anyway, enough, enough of that. Only 3 days and it is back to work. I have so enjoyed this time off. I have spent it knitting, shopping and with friends and family. It has been so nice. I do have a list of things I have not yet accomplished from this vacation but there is still time. I really want to get the Pythagorean Therum jacket pretty much finished up so I can sew all the loose seams in tomorrow at my friend's New Years Get Together. Then I can post a pic for all to see. That is if anyone besides me reads my blog.

Some day I hope to see my blog listed on one of the ones I read daily that they also read mine. But of course, first you have to have something worth reading for others to go to. That is also a challenge for 2005 for me along with designing a couple of sweaters that are going around in my head. Most of them are knock offs from RTW.

Oh yes, my mind is always making more challenges. I like that better than opportunities or even new year's resolutions. Challenges, yes, challenges I like it, I think now I will challenge myself to get moving--there is only 12 .5 hours left to this year, make the most of it!!

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