Monday, December 13, 2004

Okay, so you know I am knitting on all of these scarves for people at work at their families. In the last couple of days, I have publically stated that I am glad it is getting colder so I can wear my sweaters. BUT--did I think about my son who just this year got a job hauling in carts at our new Sears.? No--so son comes home tonight and says mom, you gotta a scarf that I can wear tomorrow? Preferably in the Ragg wool color of his gloves? Sure, you betcha. Of course not. I have been knitting on those cuddly soft and hairy things.

So, I go to my stash. I know I have a ragg wool from years gone by in a bulky. Do you think I can find it? Of course not! Now is it time to get a handle on it? So, I may have to search the world of Hobby Lobby and Michaels tomorrow night before knitting at Barnes and Noble in Peoria to find just the right ragg yarn. Or--place myself on the mercy of Mary and see if she has anything like it and bring it with her tomorrow night.

And because I AM a good MOM, I am gonna do my best to get scarf done before the next cold spell hits,(son is taking the old camouflage acrylic scarf I knit him about 10 years ago, along with my green Snoopy fleece scarf that my friend Norma made me, I told him NOT to lose it!) and before I knew it, I was telling him I would knit him some warm socks to go in his boots! Geesh, can I get anymore carried away.?

But you know, I swore that I wouldn't knit another thing for the boys until they asked me(a couple of years ago I knitted them both really cool sweaters that I never saw on them except for the picture one time), so now I have been asked. And as always, I try to do whatever they ask, they are good boys (due to their mother according to the ladies where they work), my mom would say it was all due to her, but I think I can take a little of the credit. They are good kids, so with that the search is ON!! Where is that Ragg Wool?

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