Saturday, January 13, 2007

It's A Three Day Weekend For Me

Yep, I off on Monday. The weekend (including Monday) promises nasty weather here in Central IL, ice, freezing rain and snow.

So, I am hunkering down, staying in and taking care of some stuff.

Have got to get my lia sophia stuff in order. Am going to sit and knit. Gotta clean a bit. And am going to start pulling things together for my trip in a little over 30 days. Just a few things mind you that have to be found in their various places.

Good news, I read over on another blog. Lion Brand is producing Cotton Ease again. It only comes in 11 colors ( and none of em are caribe blue, but there is a pretty lime green). I liked knitting with this yarn a couple of years ago and will try it again. I got the new Lion Brand catalog the other day. I have not really looked at it other than the Lion Brand page to verify that it was available, but the cover is pretty (lime of course).

Be safe this weekend, knit friends, why not just stay in and knit! I'm going to.


Nancy J said...

Stay safe and knit sounds lovely! It appears the ice will stay to the west and north of us here in SW PA and I'm pleased if it does. I'll take the dreary drizzle instead of ice, thank you very much!

Janna said...

I talked to my mom near Springfield yesterday, and she said it was starting to get icy there. Oddly, that same storm is reaching all the way down here to San Antonio, and they're predicting freezing rain and maybe even snow flurries Monday evening. That would mean we would be off work tuesday, too, because the mere suggestion of ice/snow closes this city down!