Tuesday, January 16, 2007

What A Great Weekend It Was

We really did not get the weather that we expected. But, just the same I hibernated most of the weekend, well at least until Monday, when I went out just as it started to snow!

But, it was a great long weekend all the same. I sat around, knitted, read some books (one that I was just going to see if it was good enough for a beach book), and then ended up reading it til it was finished!

I watched my new DVD on the Baby Surprise from Schoolhouse Press. At first, I wasn't all that thrilled about doing it, but once I got to the end and there were all those extras that Meg threw in, I am seriously giving thought to it. BUT, not until the Round The Bend is done. Where am I on it? working up towards the shoulder. Soon, I will be ready to join at the shoulder, then the back seam and then the Icord finishing. It's going to be a while, maybe a couple of weeks, but I hope to have it finished by the time I leave for Mexico.

No, I'm not taking it with me, but when I get back from Mexico, I'm going to Arnhild's the next weekend, and I want to take it with me then. I already have the turtleneck for it!

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