Sunday, August 16, 2009

Easily Led Astray

Those who know me, know that I can easily be led astray by my knitting. That would be obvious by all of the needles and yarn I have collected. So, on Saturday, I am minding my own business knitting on a mindless project out at Knit 4 Tgether when I get this idea to look at the Children's Knitting Patterns. I had in my mind that I might knit a sweater for my great niece and nephew sweaters for their birthday celebrations next month.

While looking for them, I ran across this pattern. Quite often I will see something for little girls that I think would look great as an Adult sweater and there is not one to be found. I figure I could enlarge this into an Adult?

This is one of those patterns. I don't want to do it in a bulky, but rather a worsted weight. I originally thought the old stand by Cascade 220 or maybe Brown Sheep worsted (which is what I did a gauge swatch on), but when I went to the yarn room, there was not three colors that there would be enough to do it out of. But, I do have enough Unspun Icelandic in several colors that might just work.

Now, I was content to work this later, but after talking to my cohort in crime, Karen earlier today, I might have to rethink it and maybe cast on for it soon!

Yes, regular readers that does mean that last weeks gotta cast on has been temporaily aside for now.

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Julie said...


I am impressed by your stats.
Finished projects; 30
Stash: 2

Combining work--completed projects--with the fun of play-play design
is an admirable trait. I am downright envious. My stats are just the reverse of yours.

I'd like a blog post about your Judy Chan sweater. I saw Judy at Midwest Fiber and Folk in McHenry County. It was great to see her.
She was manning the WCKG booth.