Saturday, August 08, 2009

Feelin Good!

I'm heading out to K4 Together today to knit. I'm bound to buy something and start something new.

I've made a list of several potential things to knit at the shop while I'm there or start new if the whim hits me.

This is a possible list of Knit 4 Together projects:

Knitting Pure and Simple Pullover - there is a great Brown Tweed Cascade 220 that would be perfect for this, but it would be a new purchase.

My DIL Christmas Stocking in Purple

Brown Alpaca - this would be great in the KPS Pullover, a sweater from the Ann Budd book or Meg has a great weekend sweater from the Wool Gatherer that would work --all of these would need to be swatched

Rework that Basis Shell and this time follow their instructions!

Haul out the Debbie Bliss Green Tweed and finish - except this may take some quiet knitting on it before it goes to the shop

My Judy Chan Workshop sweater

And finally the cover sweater from Knitters last year, Sue bought the yarn for it and didn't like it, so I bought it off of her---this needs a few rows done before it makes the trip to group knitting as well

I think there is plenty to choose from this list, don't you all?! Come on out if you can today and join us!

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Nancy said...

Sorry that it's a little far for me to come join you. Another Cheryl Oberle design for a new project? It may be hot this weekend, but that will end all too soon.