Wednesday, August 05, 2009


Thats what I am! I have spent the last three nights doing two things and succeeding at neither.

I am looking for a set of notecards that has my sock pattern on them for a certain someone! The last time I had them was in December. Where did I put them? Does anybody know? Earlier this Summer, I did a little cleaning around my knitting chair. I think at the time, I decided to put them somewhere where I could find them. Why didn't I just leave them where they were at on my table? At least then I could have found them and be knitting on them instead of searching againt tonight.

The second frustrating item is my tank top. I finished it on Monday night. Went in and tried it on. Before, I say how it fit, let me just say this. I was rewriting a pattern and adding decreases and then increases to make it fit at the hips, waist and bust. This is also known as knitting by the seat and thinking I knew what I was doing. So, much for the thought of designing!

The hip fits really good. The waist even better. The bust, not so much. Way too big. The front neck also way to big. This is not the first time this has happened when I have tried to knit a tank. The other tank is sitting in the yarn room waiting to be ripped out the rest of the way and becoming something else. The current tank is sitting waiting form me to start back at the waist and keep working up.

My heart isn't in it, so it is going to time out, probably until next spring. I have had it with right now. Back to looking for that damn sock pattern. When I find it, I am going to scan it and save it so I have another copy.

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Norma said...

Thanks for giving me a good reason NOT to clean up around here.

See you tonight,