Sunday, November 28, 2010

Saturday Stash Enhancement

I'm about a day behind which is pretty good. Last week, I was a week off!

This Debbie Bliss book has a couple of really cute sweaters in it. I especially like the front cover sweater. It is good for baby boy gifts...And no, I have nothing report, just like the book and figured it was time to add it to my library.

The Sublime stuff at Knit 4 Together has been calling me and even though this book won't be of much use for my great niece and nephew, it has some cute ideas that I am going to use for them, only size them up.

Love these colors. Jenny has knit a blankie out of them and they have just been calling me. The dark pink is going to be a head band from the book above with flowers. Then, the plan is to knit some sort of scarf and incorporate the flowers on it as well.

The start of my bouquet....I was up way too late playing with these flowers. What fun!

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