Sunday, November 21, 2010

Stash Enhancement Saturday

You know I think when you obssess over a yarn for a couple of days you really should buy it. I saw this on Thursday night. Most of my Friday night was spent searching my patterns and Ravelry trying to find something to make with it.

I had in mind that I wanted to just a plain reactanglular wrap that I could wear with anything, but when I looked at the yardage it would take, I just wasn't willing to spend over a hundred dollars for it.

I bought three to make a little shawlette, but this morning I am giving some thought to adding some yarns that I have and make a wrap ala the Scarf It Up I go thinking again.

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Anonymous said...

I love me that Trendsetter Dune. My favorite color, too. Go ahead, you know you want it. You know it looks stunning on you. You know your heirs will fight for it when you're gone. Yeah, I'm the Enabler.