Tuesday, November 09, 2010


In the past, when I have gotten my Knitters magazine, I have thumbed through it quite fast, looking at the patterns. The articles really didn't call me to read them much. I thought my subscription had lapsed and I figured since my LYS carried it that I would just buy it there when something caught my eye that I might want to knit....how's that for downsizing?

About a week ago, there was a message from Benjamin at Knitters on Facebook that we could download the 100th issue free. I did. Wow! I was impressed. I figured reading it online would really cut down on the amount of space that I needed downstairs for magazines. Problem is, I wasn't really wild about reading it online. It is difficult for me to get the full effect from the computer screen and I like having paper in my hand. Combine that with there a several sweaters that I liked that I was thinking about printing off in color.

Anyway, at the shop on Saturday, they had their issue and I bought one...remember I thought my sub had lapsed...when I got home there on the table in the plastic wrap from the mailman was my issue. It seems that I still have an issue left.

I've started reading the 100th issue, not just looking at the patterns (because I saw them on line, remember?) I am reading it slowly and enjoying the two articles I just finished.

The 100th issue is a keeper. Its okay that I have two. I might have to rethink my subscription

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