Sunday, January 23, 2011

What Is Knitting In This Post

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Around Christmas time, a friend at work told me about this new place that had opened up out at Grand Prairie. Charming Charlie. I really didn't realize what kind of place it was, but the subject came up yesterday at knitting and the key word there was watches.

Now, I'm not really a watch collector, but I have had my eyeballs on a caribe blue one online and was just too cheap to buy it and have it shipped here, since with my skinny wrists (one of two body parts on me that are thin), I decided to go out on my way home.

It reminds me of Fluff, but on a much grander scale. I had to pass through Hallmark on my way in and out so I checked out the new Vera colors in person. I can live without any of them for now.

You can see partly why. They had this cute little wallet and a good price and just the watch that I was looking for and it fits rather well. Did I stop? No, had to check the rest of the shop out....color, can you say lots of color.

At one time I had a tote in my hand out of Caribe Blue fake alligator like, but decided I REALLY didn't need it. Wasn't I good?

I've been doing a little brown this winter season and so this cashmere scarf came into view. I did not realize that it was cashmere until I was at the checkout and the gal told me it was now 14.97. So

Then of course, had to go back and get a watch for fun!

And now for the knitting content. Technically, we had knitting content at the start because this is where the thought of going to Charming Charlie's came into my radar.

Now, last night I got to thinking I need some mittens to go with my new scarf and these are what I am kind of toying with. Using both the green and brown to do the cover mittens fron the IW Holiday Issue. Just deciding now if it is to be the green of the KnitPicks yarn or the green alpaca? Maybe, it should be stripe mittens like the scarf, thats this mornings thought? And throw a little cream alpaca in there I'm thinking.

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