Friday, January 28, 2011

Winter Knitting 2011

I know I'm rushing it, but I am looking forward to Spring, more this year than others....don't know why. Normally, I just deal with the weather, but this year, I really am looking forward to green grass and trees and warmer weather.

As a knitter, you have to look forward, since it does take a little time to knit a sweater. Thats why this year, I am really giving an effort to be ready to wear the spring sweaters when the weather hits, not to be working on them.

The good thing is that I have some spring yarns in the yarn room that I can use for the start of the season. It's a good thing, because I am not seeing spring yarns yet in the lys. Even though, it is just the end of February, I think the lys could take a point from the regular retail shops...but thats another story.

Anyway, with that said, I've made a little list and a thought plan. My plan is to by the end of February, be moving onto Spring Knitting. In order to be doing that, I need to have a couple of sweaters finished:

The Eco Duo Mondo Cable Pulli --I am hoping for this one to be done and blocking by the end of the weekend

The Mushishi Top Down Cardigan

The Orange Remix

Mittens for my new scarf that I blogged about last weekend

And maybe from the leftovers of the Eco Duo, some mittens and Caliormetry headband

Stay tuned.

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