Saturday, February 19, 2011

I'm Thinkin Spring

The heck with's time to tear the winter knitting sheet out of my notebook and move onto Spring. We've had record breakin temps this week and although, today is not going to be one of them, the sun is shining and 40 is looming ahead. I can deal with that.

These are two from the new Nora Gaughan #8 book that are making my list. Really, truly, I want to knit stash as much as possible until Stitches in August, so I'm not so sure about this first one since it uses Linsey yarn from Berroco and I am not so sure I have anything like this. So, this may be a spring yarn purchase.

This one uses Pure Pima from Berroco. And I actually have a cool green yarn that I think I can make it out of.

What are on your Spring list? I have more than two, what about you?

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