Sunday, February 27, 2011

It Was A Success

I've never been to Galena. It has some great shops and despite the snow and cool weather, it was nice to walk through the town. I never realized they had flood gates that actually wall the street off so the river doesn't spill over into the town when the river rises.

Sue, Kendra and I started out Friday and went on a little yarn crawl which took us into Iowa and finally to Galena. I am pretty proud of myself that I didn't buy any yarn souvenirs on the way and in Galena. Not that I didn't try, but no yarn was purchased. I did manage to buy some new SmartWool socks that I love and a new needle holder for my Harmonies that I show later this week.

We stayed at the Victorian Mansion Bed and Breakfast. We had wine and cheese on Friday night while Charlie and Rita told us about the history of the house and Galena. So much history. Grant stayed in the same room that Sue and I were in, although it was called the Lincoln. Go figure!

The mansion had two parlors. The first night we hung out knitting in the ladies parlor, but we learned on Saturday that it is right above Charlie and Rita's living quarters so on Saturday night we moved to the Gentleman's parlor so as not to disturb them. They found us brighter light bulbs as the room was a little dark for knitting. What a difference that made.

Jenny designed the logo for our knit away and had it put on sweatshirts and tote bags and I had fun filling them with things. Later this week, I'll show the group with their sweatshirts.

It was a great weekend for knitting! Had some good food, slept in a comfy bed and just had fun knitting with friends! What a great way to spend a weekend.


Jenny Lapke said...

I had a great time! I think the goody bags and hoodies were a great addition!

Linda said...

Sounds awesome!