Wednesday, March 09, 2005

Finally, I have arrived at the point of the Cabin Creek Poncho that I can start the sleeve. I never thought 14 inches of stockinette would ever be done. Now, onto the first sleeve. I guess once I decided that I wanted to knit it in Caribe Blue and Lime, that I lost interest, but I am bound and determined to finish it. It is for Bob's mom's birthday in September and I want to be a head of the game for once, rather than finishing it the night before. I had a pic to show of it part way done, but have decided to hold it until it is finished.

What I learned this past week? Several years ago, I said I would never knit a shawl. Since then I have made a liar out of myself and have several shawls in the works. Then, this past weekend, actually before that, but last weekend re-confirmed that I cannot be trusted to carry through my threats. When the Poncho craze hit, I said, I will never knit one, they are not going to hang around long. In the mean time, I have seen several in stores and thought how cheezy they looked for the price. So with that said and the fact that I not only bought yarn for one at Stitches last August and that I have also done the above mentioned one and have plans for another like it for me (but as my friend said, those two don't really count cause they are more like sweaters than ponchos), I was at the lia sophia rally last Saturday in Chicago and a lady had a poncho on she had bought in "Arizona", but it was light and airy, knit I hope out of a lt wt mohair and sparkly yarn. She had worn over a simple turtle neck and black pants. The great thing was she also wore great jewelry (lia sophia of course!) but the simplicity of her outfit and the poncho was made it so great.

So you know where I am going with this? The question is: is there still time for me to whip one up before they are out of style? Stay tuned!

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