Sunday, March 20, 2005

I felt it my duty to blog today. I do not have anything to show, cause I am still knitting on the poncho with sleeves for MIL's bday in September. I am making myself finish it. I would like to be done by Tuesday Knit Night at Lakeview on Tuesday. I desparatately want to be knitting on something else, but I am making myself finish it first.

I did take a small journey into the Patternworks catalog and was writing up an order for a couple of Elisabeth Lavold books and The Opinionated Knitter. But, a small voice in the back of my head told me, rather reminded me that I still have a sweater in the works from Lavold's first book and I need to finish it before I go buying more books. See, I can show some restraint. One should not have as many books with nothing knit out of them. I am trying to wittle some of the stash down, as it really has taken over the house along with the lia sophia jewelry.

I am however going to call Schoolhouse Press tomorrow. I want The Opinionated Knitter and I might just as well get it from Meg as from anywhere else. Besides, I need to see if I need to renew my subscription to Woolgather or if mine just hasn't come yet! There are some things that I just can't show restraint on and anything from Meg Swansen or even remotely tied to EZ I just gotta have. They are my mentors!

Okay--back to that damn poncho!

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