Monday, March 21, 2005

It is finished! Finally the Sleeved Poncho is done. Pics tomorrow. It needs to be blocked. And I still am not quite sure that I like it for me. I am glad this one is for MIL's Birthday. Now, after I finished it tonight around 8:00, I still have not decided on what I want to knit next. I want it to be Spring, and I want to pull out something I started last year, but here are just way too many choices. I feel compelled to finish a couple of scarves, but tht does not make me go who hoo!

So I knit on the Caribe Blue Scarf while watching the Notebook. Oh, it was such a mommy movie. I loved it, and loved the ending! Now, I really need to go make a decision as to what is the next project to be knit. I have got to get to bed before 1:00. Tomorrow is knit nite so I gotta make a decision now.

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