Friday, March 25, 2005

I have sort of sworn off of buying books and patterns of late, cause I have all these cool things I want to do that I already have patterns, magazines and books. But I could not resist this. Ordered it from Meg at Schoolhouse Press earlier this week and here it was today. I have already read it cover to cover. Although I never got to be at camp when EZ did it, I have many of her and Meg's videos as well as have been to Knit Camp with Meg twice. As I read through it tonight, it made me want to go back again. I became great knit friends with my room mate the second time around. Julie introduced me to so many other avenues that I probably would never have ventured out too! Isn't the craft of knitting do so much for us, besides giving us things to do with our hands? It opens us up to new friends, new places to visit and all kinds of great possibilities! Posted by Hello

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