Sunday, June 26, 2005

I have extended my deadline to Tuesday am to finish the cotton ease turtleneck. I am pretty sure I will have enough yarn with Cotton Ease having such great yardage. I may have to break from my thoughts of not yarn shopping until I get rid of some, but I am liking this stuff so much that I may have to shop and see what is still out there before knitting on Tuesday night at Lakeview.

And today I thought about my lists. I may have to re think it and use deadlines as to what I should be knitting on. Like the cotton ease turtleneck, the deadline is maybe not being able to get anymore of it in the colors I have.

Sometimes when I have a list of things to do, it gets so overwhelming that I just sit and do nothing. But when I have a deadline like this one, then I sit and work away at it. Sometimes it is even fun! Sure there are things that tease me, like the Charlottes Web shawl that there has been a couple of postings on the knit list about. I even went so far as to email Nancy to get her sheets on it when she so graciously sent me. If I get my Sunday stuff done, I may hunt Charlotte up, but will not work on it until the turtle is done.

Now, if there just was some decent t.v. on this weekend to knit with. We rented a couple of movies and Bob and I both decided those were a bust. I still have to watch Sideways, but so am reserving that one to watch tonight when I finally sit and knit. All else fails there is always another Meg Swansen tape to watch.

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