Wednesday, June 29, 2005

The turtleneck is done. And I had enough yarn to complete it with a little leftover. I am going to try for a pic tomorrow night if I can get someone to photograph me. I like the Cotton Ease and am going to the Lionbrand website right after posting to see what they are replacing it with or maybe if they still have some Cotton Ease.

I don't need any but could use some white to make a cardigan from. But as I reacall, I have just a simple white cardigan downstairs that would be just fine over the turtle, unless of course it is too dingy up against the new white of this one.

Only two more days of work this week until a long weekend. I am anxious to re start the incredible poncho and take a look at Charlottes Web shawl again. And then again I do have that basket of WIPS that I have pulled something to finish out of. It's the black mohair shawl and I think I will finish it for a friend at work for her birthday later in July. So there is a deadline to reach for next.

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