Sunday, June 12, 2005

Sunday mornings for me have become my creative morning. It used to be Saturdays when I would get up early before every one and watch HGTV and plan things for Bob to do with our house (when our ship came in). He hates it when I do that, cause it may have meant work for him. But, I believe now that it was just my dream cause the ship didn't come in (of course, I haven't bought the lottery ticket yet, Norma) and Bob really isn't in to that. So I will have to wait for the ship....but I degress from the real topic for today.

Anyway, lately Sundays have been a good day to catch up on the laundry, but it is also been a good day for me to plan for the week, what needs to be done, where I am gonna be during the nights, and lately what are we going to eat for dinner. It is also a morning for me to decide where I am going to go with my projects. And where I am going with them for the next couple of months (whose birthday is coming up etc) And today, now that I feel like getting back into the lia sophia mode (1/2 way to trip to Mayan Riveria) I am going to prepare for a party I have on Thursday!

Well, back to the topic at hand (have another cup of coffee, Penny!)so in my creative mode this morning I have a plan! Or maybe I should use my coined phrase: I HAVE A LIST!

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