Monday, September 04, 2006

Happy Labor Day!

The sun is temporarily shining. I hope it lasts until at least late this afternoon. The boys and I are walking in Peoria's Labor Day Parade for Ernie Russell. And I'd like to stay dry while I am doing it!

I spent most of yesterday working on the last turn of the first half of Round the Bend jacket. I can't tell you how many times I have tore that last turn out and reknitted it. The problem is I have more stitches than I am suppose to. And the directions say I should only have four. I had a little trouble figuring out from the directions where I was supposed to be decreasing. So late last night, I got the tape out. Now, I know exactly where they go and am currently decreasing.

I hope to be joining the piece tonight and starting on the second half. You know when Labor Day gets here it signifies that Fall is just around the corner. And sweaters need to be knitted. Sure, there are going to be some warm days yet, but the way the year has been going, snow will be flying before we know it. I'd like to have the Round the Bend done before then.

The baby ensemble sits and waits for me. It is on a deadline, but at the moment, I want to be knitting something else!

Have a great day!

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