Saturday, September 02, 2006

Now I Can Go Shopping

I had myself a deal. I could not go back to Dunlap to shop until I finished something that I had bought from them. With the sitting with my mom, I finished this yesterday. All it needs is some buttons. That could be the hardest part of it all!
The yarn is called Lumpy Bumpy. The color is Fall Flowers. It does not remind me of Fall Flowers at all. Really, what caught my eye initially, is the bright bright green in the colorway. What a surprise! The sleeves on mine may be just a tad short when the arm is bent, but when hanging down they are just right. I think this helps keep the sweater from looking so sloppy.

The original sweater is from Point Five Yarn. I do remember scoping it out once. It was quite expensive. The original sweater called for ten balls of Point Five which has 54 yds to each. The Lumpy Bumpy is 150 yards.
Now, I really need to return to the baby ensemble, but another finishing project is calling me. Maybe I'll dig it out and take it with me today.

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