Saturday, September 16, 2006

Saturday Clean Up

What have I been knitting on this week? Not much of anything. I'm reading the next Gabaldon book and it has sort of been consuming me this week. Instead of knitting at night and early morning, I've been reading. I'm about 1/2 way through.

This morning, I am making myself work on the Round the Bend Sweater. I really want to read, but I am not giving in to the urge. I'm at the second sleeve. My goal is to get the gusset done this morning before I have to get ready to go to a wedding.

With the cool weather that is coming today and this next week, it makes me want to wear some of my sweaters so I need to get busy on this one. There is also a sweater jacket downstairs I want to pull out and get finished. All it needs is sewing up and I could wear it this Fall too.

The baby ensemble will not be finished on time. I'm becoming selfish and going to knit for myself and probably save the baby ensemble for future grand children I might have.

Got to run now, times awasting! Fall is coming!

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