Sunday, November 19, 2006

Can It Be Done?

These are my yarns that must be knittied prior to the holidays. Well, not all of them, because there is a couple I have still find. Can it be done? And will I need to sacrifice the knitting of the Round the Bend Sweater to complete them?

Starting on the left and going clockwise: Scarf (in the round), Scarf and Mittens, Mittens (two pairs), Baby Sweater (this could wait until Xmas 2007 or the baby's first birthday in 2007, cause it goes up to a size 2), Felted Booga Bag, Pocket Scarf, Flip Socks and Socks. Then add in, five other pairs of mittens, can you tell this is a mitten year? I must clothe the world in mittens this year!

Seriously, can this be done? I count 15 items that I want to knit before the holidays get here. My timeline is Wednesday, December 20th for most of these.

Keep tuned for updates.

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