Thursday, November 02, 2006

I've Been In Scarf Mode

Every year we have a Holiday Bash for Girls only at the College. And starting this year, I am one of the organizers. I am kind of known for the scarves I have and make, so this year, I thought I'd see how many I can get done and donate as door prizes. That is if I don't sell them at a Bazaar that we normally have. So, I need to do more since I don't know the date of the Bazaar yet. Most of these can be done in a night, since I am using size 13 needles and small amount of stitches.

But tonight at Knit Night, I'm back to working on my Suspender Sweater. If the weather lately is any indication, I better get it done, cause it's been chilly lately and it can only get colder!

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