Tuesday, February 27, 2007

It Was A Beautiful Weekend in Iowa

As long as you did not have to go anywhere! And I didn't! If we were not talking about knitting, we were watching the weather outside. And fortunately for me, I could call my boss on Sunday night and let him know I was snowed in in Iowa and did not feel bad about it.

Unfortunately, there are no pictures of Arnhild's Knitting Camp. Not that I couldn't have took some, but while in Mexico, I got too close to an ocean wave. It slapped up at me, must have hit my little Fugi camera just right and seized it up and now it will not work. I will have to investigate having it repaired or start looking for a new one, but that subject will be put on hold for awhile.

Julie and I made it just in time on Friday night for the start of knitting camp. The weather started in full force after we got there and for the rest of the weekend, whether it was from our hotel room window or from the classroom, we kept tabs on a quite beautiful storm. We all felt we were quite lucky that we had electricity the whole weekend. Some places in Iowa still did not have any yesterday.

Anyway, that will all I will say about the weather. The real purpose of my visit was Arnhild's Knit Camp. Camp is held every year the last weekend in February in Ames, Iowa. It took us a little more than 5 hours going and 5 hours going back. People who attended this year had been new people like me and some who have been going for 11 years. We came from Illinois, Iowa, Nebraska, Minnesota, Wisconsin, and South Dakota. As far as I could tell, no one is turned away.

Cost for me was $335. I paid a $100 deposit last year, and did not have to pay the balance until I was at Camp. I can't believe what all I got for my money. I shared a room with Julie and her sister which brought the cost down a bit. The bed was so fluffy, I had four pillows on my bed and a fantastic comforter that just swallowed me up. The room was really quite nice! Also included, in the weekend, was the classes, my meal on Friday night, continental breakfast on Saturday, lunch on Saturday, Dinner on Saturday, brunch on Sunday, and dessert bar mid Sunday afternoon. I was pleased with what I got for the money.

Tomorrow, Arnhild.

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