Wednesday, February 28, 2007


I met Arnhild once at Stitches Midwest when I bought her Poncho Kit. I wore it Friday night. Two things happened almost simultaneously. She personally greets everyone when you see her. I held my hand out to introduce myself and she says "no (in her delightful Norwegian accent), I get a hug. At the same time, she is saying to me, you are wearing my poncho, you bought that at Stitches Midwest, no?" I am amazed!

Friday night during dinner, Arnhild lets us know what the weekend will be like. Very easy going, do what you want, bounce from class to class, knit whenever you want enjoy. She personally introduces everyone and makes them stands up. Tells us how long you have been coming to her knitting retreats, where you from and she mentions to the crowd that I am wearing her poncho that I bought at Stitches Midwest.

Arnhild did not teach any classes, but rather was in a clinic where you could take your knitting problems whatever they may be and get help with. She is such a sweet lady, and I love to listen to her speak. She is very open about her life, family and trips to come. She is currently selling her trip to Norway this summer and talked to us on Sunday at dessert break quite in depth of future trips. By the end of the time I spent with her, I am seriously thinking about going on her Knitting Cruise to Norway in two years!

I know I'm going back to her Knitting Retreat next year. It is already on the calendar!

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