Thursday, March 01, 2007

Classes At Arnhild's Knitting Retreat

I did the Circumnavigated Cardigan all weekend. We knitted on a very small version to get all the techniques. The instructor was Marcia Carlson. I am so glad I took this class because without it, I never would have made it through a big one. Medrith Glover is the designer and her pattern was in Knitter's years ago.

I first stumbled across the pattern when I was at my first Meg Swansen Knit Camp. I could not get the issue of the magazine from Knitters so I ordered it from Medrith Glover. I always intended on knitting it and never quite got to it.

I am anxious to start on a big version of it now, but it will have to wait til the weekend, because I just can't concentrate on it right now. The yarn I had planned on using for it all weekend is a Cascade 220 Tweed. Now, I am not sure I will have enough of it. This sweater to me screams tweed or variegated.

Back to classes though. Arnhild had four classes for our choosing. And the nice thing, is if you wanted to get up from where you were and go off and listen to another one you could. No problem. And the equally nice thing is that for three of the four classes, Short Rows, Shadow Knitting and the Cardigan, all of the class materials were included in our folder when we registered. The other one was Arnhild's clinic, where you could bring your problems and get help from her or others or just sit and knit.

I just can't tell you how relaxed the classes were. What a great feeling it was. The most stressed part was not having my yarn to start my sweater with while I was there!

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