Tuesday, March 27, 2007

I've Been Swatchin

I got this book from Schoolhouse Press last week. There are several to choose from, but most of them are vertical designs and Meg suggest keeping it horizontal for women of a certain age. I think I'm probably one of those women.

So, I'm testing a few of these out. 1, 3, 4 and 6. I don't like the looks of 2 so I am not even trying it. And I like 5 but am not going to swatch it for now. I know I'll like it if I decide to add it to my Guernsey. Problem is there is a pattern I like in the Knitting Workshop too. Who would have thought it would be this hard to decide on a pattern.

I'm using the yarn I bought from Arhnild when at her camp in February. When I was doing a little research on colors of yarn that were available, I happened onto a site that had Guernsey Yarn in a cream, a gray, a blue and a red. I figured the red could be used for mine, but I am not sure that the textures of the stitches are showing as much as I wanted them to.

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Knittingmaillady said...

Penny, I am trying to leave a comment and not having any luck. Have you tried the old Harmony Guide to Knitting Stitches. It has some interesting stitches that would be good for a Gansey. page 29 has a stitch that is seed stitch checks that would look good.