Thursday, March 08, 2007

Wearin of the Green

Every year at work, we do a silent auction at St. Patrick's Day. Last year, I knitted a felted bag in green with eyelash. Added a eyelash scarf and some green lia sophia jewelry. Most of the pieces that are auctioned off are in gift bags are wrapped pretty in green paper. I put mine in the felted bag. It was a hit.

This year came too fast and there was no time to do anything. So, I ignored it. Then, yesterday, my friend who is in charge of it, whined. How last year's mine was such a hit. Wouldn't I please consider doing something again? I have no time to shop. I had no stash. I went to my friends, they have no stash either! So, I figured I would shop at Hobby Lobby tonight and maybe in between ball games on Saturday and then knit like a fiend come Sunday, felt on Sunday night, take it to dry in front of my heater at work on Monday and have it in the case by Tuesday. Oy!

So, I slept on it! And remembered my one skein book, my dear friend Jo gave me. It has some possibilities! And then, I remembered some one skeins stash that I do have.

Here they are. I think I can do this and NOT have to felt any of it.

I see a scarf. I see a couple of washrags. I see a small little purse. One of the greens are not exactly kelly green, but I thought I could maybe get a way with it. Stay tuned.

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