Thursday, March 15, 2007

Russian Prime

I wanted to show a picture of my progress on my Russian Prime sweater today, but unfortunately there is none. You see I ripped it out last night. Yes, I said ripped it out.

Uncharacteristically for me, I shut the t.v. off last night after the Bradley basketball game. I have to post that I NEVER watch Bradley basketball. The reason, many years ago, our local t.v. station started running the games even when they were playing in town. IT always was on a Thursday night and Hill Street Blues was re - routed to 1:00 am. Do I hold a grudge or what? But, because there was nothing on t.v. that I wanted to watch, I tuned into the last ½ of the game. Basketball, for me can be nice background to knitting. When it was over, I thought what the heck, I'll turn it off and work on my Russian Prime for just a little while.

It has been awhile since I worked on it. I think, I knew that there was a little problem with it and subconsciously that it was kept me from picking it up. Amy D., uploaded a file on Yahoo of the chart that I have been kicking around using, because it also has the side panels chart on it. So, I popped it into my new KnitPicks chart holder. I'm not real keen on the chart holder. I think I like my old metal one and the block of wood holder better. But, I digress.....

Back to the Russian Prime (can you tell how I am feeling about it?) I want to start the Guernsey from the new Woolgathering. But, I am not sure that I want to use my Apple Green Galway for it. And I have definitely decided NOT to use the purple Galway. After all, I can't keep making the same color sweaters that the model's are knitted out. Besides purple really isn't my color! And I cannot pull out the Circumnavigated Cardigan that already has about 6 or more inches to it. But, I wonder if Galway makes a nice Caribbean Blue? You know I never checked that out! And, I am going to Morton tonight......where was I?

Oh, yes, the Russian Prime (those two words as my other conscience reminded me, a.k.a Char). I worked a row around and discovered that I was missing two stitches. No, not dropped two stitches, but more like did not cast them on. Not a big deal, they can be handled later when I increase. So, I keep working. I am using a 24" needle and a 24" just does not seem to be long enough, to spread out the stitches to see what it is really going on. So I dig through my needles. All I have is a bamboo in a Size 5 and it is about 27 inches. So, I used it for the next round. I just don't like the way it drags on the bamboo. And I am not a 100% sure that I did not twist the join 5 rows ago.

So, I started ripping it out, and then got so frustrated, I just snipped it loose, tossed it and tonight when I go to Morton, I'll buy a 32" Addi, re cast it on with the correct amount of stitches and begin again. I've learned a couple of things from my first cast on of the Russian Prime and now it will give me an opportunity to get them right the second time around!

That is if my trip to Morton, doesn't get me into trouble!

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