Monday, March 05, 2007

The Last of Arnhild - for this year
My final purchases at the store that brought Arnhild's yarn and patterns (Purls). This baby yarn is so soft, I could not resist, even though I have a similiar color in Dale. This is for my great nephew for Christmas next year! Arnhild is only doing wholesale now, so she has Martha, the new owner of Purls sell the products.
This is my baby Circumnavigated sample from Marcia's class. Ignore all of the strands hanging. They are holding stitches or my guide stitches for the saddle shoulder. The pockets are very interesting, they are fused. Now, I know unless you actually see them being done, you are asking huh? I started a big version of it last night, and so I hope to have a couple of the future blogs that will show you the fusing in action.

The cool part of the sweater, is that when I am done, there is no sewing together. And you know how I like no sewing! Stay tuned for more on the Circumnavigated Cardigan in the weeks/months to come.

And so we are coming to the end of what I can tell you about Arnhild's Knitting Retreat. Oh, there is so much more, but, I don't want to bore you with for another week. Suffice it to say, I am going back next year. The cost is just right, the food is good, there was real hot chocolate one afternoon with marshmallows, tea breaks in the morning, some great show and share items to see one night all laid out for us with the info on each one, and of course a nice hotel to sit and watch the snow come down. It was a great weekend.

And the Mexico clothes are still sitting where I left them when I unpacked almost two weeks ago. Oh well, back to reality! When is Meg's camp?

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