Sunday, March 04, 2007


As a child whenever we would go on vacation, I would have to have a souvenir of the trip. So, it is no wonder that as an adult, I would need a yarn souvenir to remember my knitting vacations. And Arhnild's would not be any different, would it? Even though the WIPS and Stash are now to the point of a sin.

Even though, this appears to be a young person's size, I tried the hat on and I am going to make this for me for next winter. The dark color in the picture is a dark teal.

I am currently swatching the cardigan and awaiting for the rest of the yarn to make it's way to me. I tried on Arnhild's sample while at the Retreat and fit really well except for the sleeves that were a little long. Arnhild's daughter designed this sweater and she is the one on the left.

And last but not least, I bought this book for the mitten patterns. No yarn, but the book screamed, buy me.

Tomorrow, the last of the souvenirs, a pic of my little Circumnavigated Cardigan and a final wrap up of Arnhild's Knitting Retreat.

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