Sunday, April 01, 2007

What Are Those?

Leaves on the trees must mean that Spring is really coming. And I should be knitting on some Summer sweaters, but yet I'm not. Project #35 is on the needles as of this morning. Thanks to one of my sons.

Sundays are usually for catching up on the lia sophia business and laundry. But, thanks to my younger son, who has been doing a little laundry for me on Fridays when he is off, there is not nearly as much to do today. And since most of yesterday was spent at a function where I was showing lia sophia, I took today off to knit, before going to a little birthday get together.

Now, that baseball season has officially started on t.v., there will be plenty of opportunities to knit and watch the Cardinals. Yes, I believe Spring is here, even if it is going to be around 40 later this week .... one more chance to wear some sweaters!

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