Saturday, April 07, 2007

Today Is All About

#1 - Knitting, I 'm going to knit alot today!
#2 - Laundry, while Knitting I am going to knit today!
#3 - Paying Bills (I must before the lights get turned off, the cable gets turned off and my credit cards starting charging me astronomical interest)-kidding on all of it, but I must pay some bills.

I talked the older twin into taking my car this morning to it's appointment, so I don't have to get dressed until I want to. Actually, it was more of a bribe. Since he had to run to catch a bus from Chicago yesterday (all of the commuter flights were cancelled to Peoria from there yesterday), his luggage hasn't caught up with him and since he has plans for the weekend, I made a deal. Take my car to it's appointment and you can take my car for the weekend. I think it is a good trade off!

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