Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Here We Go Again

I got my new Mason Dixon book in the mail yesterday. What do you do first? Read it from front to back OR start at the front and look at all of the pictures FAST.

Me, I start reading it at the start, even the dedication page! Get about to the second page and say what the heck, fast forwarding and flipping the pages like crazy. Ooooo, ahhhhh.

And then just a few pages in I see it, Bonne Marie Burns Pea Coat that she showed off on her blog last week. Well, you know of course the color hits me right off.

And I just happen to have some Apple Green Galway that I have been saving for about five years or more. It was going to be a sweater from the Shetland book, but I think now it is just beggin to be the Pea Coat!

Course then I stumble onto this sweater in the book. I like the idea, except that it is knit from the top down. No, the apple green is not going to be this, but I would like to use the bottom treatment and the raglan cables in maybe Meg's Raglan. I'll add that to my Knitting Journal for a later to be decided yarn.

I like the new book, at least the first half of it. The last half is not some of my favorite stuff, at least not for now. But, you do know how I can change my mind as the wind blows.

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