Saturday, September 06, 2008

The Paperboy Went Thump

At 4:30 this morning. It scared me a little. I had, once again, fallin asleep in my favorite chair. Let me qualify this, he/she went thump with the paper on the porch, not as in thump falling. So, I figured what the heck, might just as well get up and knit some while it is quite in the casa.

So, I'm swatchin on several things at once as you can see by the mess around my chair. I'm going to go pre-sale yarn shopping today. Next week, both of my LYS are having sales and I want to scope out what I "might" buy.

I think it is going to be a fun day!

1 comment:

Nancy said...

Nice to know I'm not the only one to fall asleep in the knitting chair!