Sunday, May 03, 2009

Back On Track

I had planned a whole different yarn for today's blog, but just a few moments ago, while watching the weather channel, I decided on a different thought.

Finally, it looks from the weather channel, that the temperatures this week are going to be at least 70 all week long. Sure, the wake-up temperature is going to be upper 40's and 50's but at least finally, it looks like spring is here to stay.

Lately, I have been telling myself that I'll get back to my exercise and eating routine later. I'll start doing a few things around the house and not just vegging and knitting all Sunday long. It's hard to do those things on Sunday, when it is cold and dreary outside and it seems like Winter will never go away.

Now, all of a sudden, Spring is here and Summer is not very far away and my body is no where near what I want it to feel like.

My knitting has been like that as well....finishing nothing - starting every thing and no focus. So, last night I made a list. What needs to be done and where I should be focusing my knitting. In my head I have made a list of must do work items as well.

I am a new woman today! On track, hopefully! Well, at least in my mind I am!

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Nancy said...

I am ever so much more active in house and of course in garden when it is pleasant and sunny outside. We were graced with good weather yesterday and worked in my developing herb garden a bit...had to quit for eaarly dinner. Now, rain has moved in this mornig and do I feel like housework? No. Know exactly how you feel! Agree on body and knitting projects, too.