Saturday, May 09, 2009

Places You Have To Go

The Internet. Where would we be without it?

Last night when I was contemplating what to watch on t.v. while doing a little knitting, I discovered that there wasn't anything worth listening to. So, I with my handy laptop (that I have now made a place next to me) watched Grey's Anatomy from Thursday night. I popped into and found the episode and watched from my chair on my lap top.

A little later, the kids in Memphis called me and told me they had made a You Tube ( video of the grand dog. So, I accessed it and watched it a couple of times. I have only been on You Tube a couple of times from links that people have sent me, but this morning after watching the dog video one more time, I decided to search on it for knitting. Suffice it to say, it is yet another time sucker to watch all of the knitting videos, but if you want to learn how to knit frontwards, backwards, socks, continental, fix your mistakes, knit in the round or just plain anything knitting there is a video for it. Check it out.

And yes, I am still staying home to start the mass cleaning, I am just taking it slow and want to enjoy the experience! After all it is Mother's Day weekend....yes, I am claiming the weekend for us mothers!

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