Sunday, May 24, 2009

This One Is For Norma

Today is Indy Race day. Something that began when I was in 8th grade, when I got to go to my first race in Indy. Then, we would go to Indy, see the race and drive four hours back to watch it again on the t.v.

We did that for many years. Now, every race day, I can be found in front of the t.v. watching and knitting. My brother and I have arranged working over at Mom's house around the race. If it gets rained out today, we are going to the house to work. If it runs we stay home. All revolves around a time honored tradition for us.

Last year there was a pretty little caribe blue and lime car that I particularly liked. This year I am not finding any cars that I really like the colors of. You see I have two criterias for the car/drivers I cheer on....American and the color of the car.

So, this year I don't really have a pick of a car, just American, but Norma I think you might like this one.

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