Monday, May 11, 2009


I've finished my first ever Babies Surprise. It was so much fun knitting it. There is no baby that it is intended for at this time, but I wanted to do one for myself and Meg suggested knitting a baby one first.

I have tried to knit it several times before, but just could not stay on track with it. This time armed with the video and the line by line instructions I did it. Using the instructions to periodically make sure I was on track really helped. That and with the video leading me through made a lot of sense.

I have yarn left so I think I am going to give the heart hat a try to go with it when I find a baby for it.

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Linda said...

Aren't they just fun magic? I'm thinking I need to make one for a girl at the physical therapy office, even though I've been done for a month!