Friday, June 04, 2010

I'm Being Tempted

I got my Vogue Knitting a couple of days ago. So far, I have just been able to leaf through the pages, but there are some great things in it that I want to knit for Fall. Despite that we are barely into Summer, now is the time to be knitting for Fall so when it gets here we are ready, not just starting to knit for it.

But that is another blog to come. A couple of things that are tempting me and have been tempting me for some time....

From Soak, their Phil basin. This looks like a handy thing to have and don't you just love the color.

This bag isn't new, but it sure has my eye. Linda has one and I liked hers. But, do I need another one and should it be my go to color Peacock? I'm like one breath away from ordering this one for work.....didn't I say that about the last one I bought at Stitches? And where is it at this moment? Coming to work with me...nope.

And slated for July. The hip holster....I definitely want this. It looks like it is better suited to me than the Vera Bradley hipster.

Oh, there is more that is going to tempt me from the latest Vogue....finally, a magazine with some potential for keeping it for awhile!

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