Monday, June 15, 2015

Chuckin The List

That's what I am doing!  The only project I have to have done by the end of the month is my Top Secret Surprise Gift.  Life is way too short to not knit on what you want to be knitting on!  I have way too many time sensitive projects at work that I should stress about my knitting.

And if I want to cast on something new, that's totally up to me.  You are in control of your knitting.  And of your style.  And of your life.  And of your Show and Tell for Camp.

I think that is very adult like of me, wouldn't you agree?

So, what is your personal style?  Me, I have to say I love a good logo t-shirt and blue jeans.  That is about as of a sense of style that I have.  Years ago, I used to get the Spiegel catalog, do you remember that catalog?  I always imagined myself in the clothes and shoes the models wore.  But of course, I also imagined I had their body and unlimited funds to do it with.  The thing I like about a good catalog or even QVC is when you see the whole outfit on someone,   you don't have to figure out what to wear with it, you see the whole picture.
I have shared these two websites with you before, but right now, I think you might enjoy both of them if you happen to be of my age range.

Walking in Grace and Beauty

Fifty Not Frumpy

So, to bring it back to knitting again, what is your style of knitting?  Whatever it is I hope you like what you are knitting.  If you have yarn that has lost it's flavor with you, pass it on.  Will it make a good Hospice Home Shawl?  Is it something the Nursing Home or Assisted Living Center might take for their residents to knit or crochet with?  If you don't like what you are knitting, for heaven's sake chuck it and knit what you want to.  You, too are in control of your knitting!  Enjoy it!

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