Monday, June 22, 2015

It's Official - Summer of Shawls Has Begun

Yesterday was the official start of Summer and the longest day of the year.  But, as you all well know it was also Father's Day so I put off blogging about the start of Summer for today.  And with the start of Summer, it also means the kick off of the Summer of Shawls!  

I am not stopping the sweater knitting this Summer, but for the most part, I am really trying to clean up some of my shawls that are in process, yarn that is earmarked for shawl knitting (some still in the bag from last Summer), and patterns that I am anxious to cast on.

Add to the list the many options for Hospice Home Shawl knitting that I want to do!  This shawl is not mine, but rather one that my friend Pam knit for the Hospice Home.  Isn't it lovely!

Over the past few weeks, I've been catching up on some podcasts, and you might be surprised to hear how many have been talking about shawls this Spring/Summer.  I have been learning a bit from them and the types, their history, yarns that are really good for different styles and shawl designing.

The amazing thing is that just when you think you have a really good idea, you realize that you are not the only one to come up with the idea.  Like, how nice a little shawl is to always have in your purse or in the pocket of your seat should you get somewhere and need a little bit of knitting to get you by.  Of course, it is nice it is a fairly easy shawl so you don't have to worry about lace charts and such.

Or how smart it is to have a little shawl tucked in your car or at work during the Summer when everybody is cranking up the air condition every where you go (especially for us people that are always  cold).

But, before I go full blown into shawl knitting, I have three more chunks of color on this throw for a surprise gift this weekend.  I am anxious to get it done and move onto shawls for Summer.

Stay tuned and remember in 10 years your shawls will still fit.  Not my own quote, but, I am sorry I can fully acknowledge the author.  It's kind of hard to write while driving!

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