Monday, November 09, 2015

It's Hard Stayin On Task

All I am  seeing  is cool stuff I want to cast on and knit for me.  But, I made a promise to myself at the start of November that I would stay on task and finish some things on the list and  so I am. 
The Harry Potter Scarf - it was a great project to take to the kids this weekend.  I could throw it down in a second and play pizza with Mona Lisa.  It is my purse project for now, oh so portable!

Poppy's Christmas Stocking is getting some love as of last night.  I could hardly put it down, I wanted to see where it was going next.  I am getting the rhythm of the two color work.  The pattern and yarn are from Schoolhouse Press, Eli's Stocking.  I think if I shut the t.v. off every night about 9 or 10, I can do at least an hour maybe two on it and it could be done by the first of December.

And finally, Boneyard Shawl for Hospice.  No, that is not your imagination, that is actually what is happening to the yarn when I changed the ball.  I bought the Malabrigo so long ago that at the time I started the shawl for an unknown recipient, I did not know anything about how these new yarns needed to be knitted.  And no, I am not ripping it back, I am hoping the 3rd ball will give me yet a different color way to add some interest to it.

And a side note, this weekend with Mona Lisa was so much fun and I am reminded of how much a 3 year old can retain.  First, she remembers how much I like Snoopy and asked me if I would be wearing my Snoopy pajamas when she comes home at Thanksgiving and she mentioned my knitting as well. 
There is hope!

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