Saturday, November 21, 2015

What Was Your Week Like?

It seems like the week flew by and here we are on a snowy Saturday in Central IL.  I had a great day planned with the Knit Wits, eating, knitting, making stitch markers and doing a Ravelry tutorial,  but changed my mind after I got on the highway and it was a bit dicey.  So, I'm home in my comfy chair watching it snow from my window and making sure Snoopy is still to be found.

I've got a cuppa by my side and I'm sitting on my electric blanket and I am really hoping this Hospice Shawl (you can really see the differences in skeins from this pic) will be finished and bound off by the end of the day so I can block it tomorrow.  And if it is finished then I can maybe cast on a sweater for me (even though my Christmas scarves and hats are not done yet).

The local yarn shop that I spent a lot of time (oh and yes money) officially closed last Tuesday.  I met almost all of the Knit Wits through the shop so it is really bittersweet that we will not be meeting there anymore.  But, we've made alternate arrangements, although just not in a yarn shop, and our friendships will strengthen all the more, it's just sad.

On Thursday, I went to Tinsel the Town (a venue where some local boutiques had booths), the hi-lite was the photo booth.  Although, this isn't a great picture, you get the jist of what is going on.  Since then, I have read about Smug Mug somewhere else.  It is kind of a cool idea.

Yesterday, I broke down and went to the doctor for my foot.  She told me more than likely it was arthritis, gave me a stronger anti-inflammatory and gave me suggestions on how to handle it.  Ideally, a nice warm climate where I could where comfy sandals would make it all better!

And then here we are today, snow and cold and wind.  And I've got a bowl full of Oreo Fluff.  Good side, I've got a warm blanket, my knitting and by Thursday it is going to be in the 50's, you can't beat that with a stick now can you!

In the coming days, lets talk sweater knitting shall we?

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